Top Quality Bulls & Heifers

The Charolais cattle breed has served the U.S. beef industry as a strong power to reckon with in high quality beef. Eagles Ridge Charolais can provide you with top quality Charolais bulls and heifers with genetics that meet the demands of both purebred and commercial producers.  

If you are looking to increase profitability to your cattle herd, our genetics are the key. Eagles Ridge Charolais cattle & bulls have high growth rates, uniformed size and well-muscled strong structures, creating profitability for you, the breeder.

Through Eagles Ridge Charolais, you can purchase quality bulls, semen, females --- maternal and fertile, to increase the performance in your herd. Our cattle yields high quality results in a small time frame.  With our genetics, you can beef up your herd with pounds and profits.

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About Us:  Charloais Cattle in East Texas

Eagles Ridge Charolais


Our mission at Eagles Ridge Charolais is to continually strive to improve our herd genetically to increase beef profitability at every level of sale.  We want our success to be your success!